City Heavy Excavator Construction Crane Pro 2018

 Jun 25, 2018 - Auto & Vehicles, Fantasy, Online, Racing

Get ready to live like a city construction builder in City Heavy Excavator: Construction Crane Pro 2018. Welcome to the new type of city construction game City Heavy Excavator: Construction Crane Pro 2018. This game offers you to drive variety of different type of extreme road trucks and sand excavator crane. It’s time to work with road construction crew to become a real sand excavator mech robot crane construction worker on city construction site areas. Game Blast Studio brings for you real road builder and sand excavator trucks each with their own mission and challenges. In this game you have to operate heavy mech robot sand excavator crane in city construction site areas. Drive your Heavy Excavator Crane and dumper trucks to carry mud and stones from one place to another. Working on a big construction site & handling these heavy construction vehicles is fun and challenging at the same time.

Play role of heavy construction crane operator or a loader & dump truck driver in this off-road area. You may have play road construction, rail construction,rail construction, Heavy bulldozer and city construction game but City Heavy Excavator: Construction Crane Pro 2018 is really daring. Enjoy amazing drive of road dump truck on construction site.